Choosing the Right Repair Service: What to Look For

When your computer or cell phone breaks down, you want to make sure it’s fixed correctly and quickly. With the rise of technology, there are more options than ever for computer and cell phone repair services, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are some key factors to keep in mind […]

Repair or Replace?

Should You Repair, Upgrade, or Replace Your Computer? Repairing computers is the core part of our business. But we know that there are times when it’s in a client’s best interest to purchase a new computer instead of repairing their existing one. Here are four factors to consider when determining if it’s better to buy a new […]

Choosing the Right Computer Monitor

Your hardware, software, and internet connection shape your computing experience. The last essential piece of the puzzle? The monitor you use. The first thing you need to consider is what you’ll be using the monitor for most. Gamers will have different requirements than those professionals or families viewing photos. Once you’ve determined monitor usage, you’ll […]

Internet Lingo 101: Cheat Sheet For Beginners

The Internet is growing and evolving so fast even the dictionary has trouble keeping up. Here are 12 suddenly common terms that are helpful to know. Browser A browser is a free piece of software that lets you view web pages, videos and other online content. It’s a core requirement of going online, as it […]

Welcome to the Internet of Things

​You arrive at home and the door unlocks because it knows who you are, sensing the key in your pocket. The lights switch themselves on and your favorite music begins to stream gently through the living area. It’s already the perfect temperature, and as you head for the fridge, you notice an alert on the […]

Revive Your Slow Computer | SSD Upgrade Promotion

Revive Your Slow Computer

Old age creeps up slowly – unless you’re a computer. Then it seems to happen overnight. One day you’re logging in normally and jumping right into the action, the next day booting up takes so long you not only have time to make a cup of coffee, you could have run out to the local […]

Why Your Updates Are More Important Than Ever

Why Your Updates Are More Important Than Ever Stories about hackers and virus attacks seem to be making the news almost every day, and many of these news stories include tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim. One common theme among these tips is making sure your Windows operating system up to date. […]

Why Do Computers Slow Down Over Time?

In this newsletter, we talk about why computers seem to slow down over time, and make you aware of a dangerous threat on the internet that could cost you money. Why Do Computers Slow Down Over Time? Remember the awe you felt when you turned on your new computer and it loaded in a flash? […]

Got A Bad Case Of Password Exhaustion?

Got A Bad Case Of Password Exhaustion? You’re not alone! Most people use the same password everywhere – home, work, Gmail, Facebook… even for banking. Considering how many passwords we’re expected to remember and use on a daily basis, password exhaustion is a very real thing. It’s no wonder that when yet another prompt for […]

How To Keep Your Tech Squeaky Clean

How To Keep Your Tech Squeaky Clean Our tech is something we use every day, but did you know it’s also the most disgusting? Your screen may look clean, but studies show that a mobile phone can be 18x dirtier than a public restroom – ew! It gets worse (sorry)…that keyboard you tap at while […]