Terms & Conditions

Welcome to geek2gomn.com (the “Website”). This Terms of Use Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into by and between you and ProFixerr (the “Company”, “us”, “we”, or “our”). This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that govern your use of and access to the Website and any products, materials, and services provided by or on the Website (collectively, the “Services”).

  1. Payment Terms. Payment is due in full at check-in for all services, including repairs, consultations, and sales. Any special orders for parts or devices must be paid for in advance. We accept cash, debit, and credit cards.

  2. No Cash Refunds. Exchanges can be made on a case-by-case basis. A 15% restocking fee might be applied to any devices purchased including laptops, tablets, phones, and game consoles.

  3. Managed Care Plans. Managed Care plans are non-refundable. Plans do not auto renew. They will be invoiced annually the following year in the month you originally enrolled. If you choose not renew, we will unenroll you. 

  4. Minimum Bench Fee. The minimum bench fee is $49.99.

  5. Warranty of Service. Geek2Go provides a one-year (365 days) warranty on all parts and labor for repairs performed by us. The warranty is for parts only. We will replace bad parts under warranty and charge a discounted rate for labor. Any parts, equipment, or hardware added by anyone other than Geek2Go after the repair service is performed will void any warranty. All hardware comes with the manufacturer’s warranty. If you have a warranty claim with the manufacturer’s warranty sixty (60) days after the repair, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly. Computers sold by us come with a warranty. Refurbished computers come with a 1 or 3-year warranty. Accidental or purposeful drops after Geek2Go repairs the device or future cracked screens will not be covered by the warranty. Problems arising after a repair that are not related to the repaired part will not be covered by the warranty. We test each device before releasing it to you to ensure that the device works the same as when it was dropped off. If the hard drive needs data recovery lab service, the original drive will not be given back to you due to lab conditions. If you want the original drive back, a $49 fee may apply to rebuild the drive.

  6. Parts. You agree to be responsible for and to reimburse Geek2Go for any special-ordered parts for repairs that you authorize. You will be charged for these parts even if you later tell Geek2Go to stop the repair or if it is later determined that your computer is not repairable. We may require prepayment for certain parts.

  7. Disclaimer of Liability. Geek2Go will not be held liable for lost data or any damage resulting from a repair session. When you bring your computer in, we cannot know the condition of your computer; therefore, we cannot and will not be held responsible for the computer. Your computer could be of imminent failure and, as such, could fail during diagnostic and/or repair. Although our technicians take every precaution, there is always a risk, however small, of accidental data loss. Additionally, Geek2Go will not be held liable for data loss from a computer or hard drive sold by Geek2Go. We strongly recommend backing up computers regularly to prevent data loss. ALSO, Geek2Go cannot and will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the services or software of any third-party software. You agree to release Geek2Go from any and all liability for any lost data or damage resulting from a repair session or third-party service or software.

  8. Privacy. Geek2Go greatly values your privacy. Any information we collect from you is solely for our own internal use, and we will not give or sell this information to any third-party except for information securely transmitted to an outside credit card processing company so that we may accept credit cards for purchases.

  9. Communication Preferences. Geek2Go values effective communication with our customers. By providing your email address and phone number, you agree to receive emails and SMS messages from us regarding your service requests, repairs, special offers, and updates about our services. We commit to using your contact information responsibly and ensuring that the frequency of communication is reasonable.

    1. Opt-Out/Unsubscribe Options: You have the right to opt out of receiving marketing communications at any time. To unsubscribe from emails, you can click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of our emails. To stop receiving SMS messages, reply with ‘STOP’ to any of our messages. Please note that opting out of marketing communications does not prevent you from receiving important transactional messages related to your ongoing or upcoming service requests.

    2. Frequency of Communications: We aim to balance informative communication with respect for your privacy. As such, promotional emails and SMS messages will be limited to a reasonable frequency, ensuring you stay informed without overwhelming your inbox or message feed.

    3. Data Protection and Privacy: Your contact details will be stored securely and used exclusively for the purposes described above. We will not share your email address or phone number with third parties for their marketing purposes. For more information on how we handle and protect your personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy section.Opt-In for Marketing Communications: By default, customers are not subscribed to our marketing communications. If you wish to receive promotional emails and SMS messages, you can opt in through your account settings on our website or by notifying our staff.

By using our services, you agree to the above terms and conditions.