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iPhone Repairs

Volume Button Repair

Are your volume buttons stuck or just simple not working?
Give us a call or stop by the shop so we can diagnose and repair your volume buttons today! 

Water Damage

Accidents happen. If your phone has been damaged by water,
bring it in to our shop and we can diagnose and repair your device.

Camera Repair

Capturing  a moment is priceless, but if your iPhone camera is damaged or not working, 
give us a call or stop by, we are happy to help repair your damaged camera

Battery Replacement

If your iPhone battery is not holding charge when you need it the most, 
contact us we can help you get your battery replaced as soon as possible.

Back Glass Repair

If your back glass has broken or shattered, we can help fix it for you,
give us a call or stop by Geek2Go today and we will get your
iPhone back glass repaired as soon as possible.

Screen Repair

We've all dropped our phones and even with the best case  protection, sometimes the glass 
on your iPhone still manages to break, if your iPhone glass needs to be replaced,
contact us for a quick repair today.

Power Button Repair

If you are having issues with turning your phone on or off,
one of the causes could be a broken power button,
we can help you troubleshoot the issue and assist
with a professional power button repair for your iPhone

Microphone and Speaker Repair

Are you having issues with hearing others or with others not being able to hear you?
Your speaker or microphone may be damaged and need repair or replacement.
Contact Geek2Go today for your iPhone microphone  repairs and iPhone speaker repairs.

Charge Port Repair 

If your phone is not charging for some reason, it may be your battery, but it may
also be an issue with the charge port on your iPhone. 
We are happy to diagnose the issue and repair your iPhone Charge Port today.

Best iPhone Repair Brainerd Lakes Area

iPhone Repairs

Whether it be for work purposes, keeping in contact with friends and family, or simply staying organized, for most people, our phones are a vital part of our days, so much so that without our phones it feels like we are missing a part of ourselves. When your iPhone is having issues, Geek2Go is here to help you replace or repair just about anything on your iPhone. Our professional technicians are ready to help you reconnect to your life with as little down time as possible. Bring your iPhone device to our store in the Brainerd Lakes Area and we will get your device fixed a soon as possible.

Before & After

Geek2Go has professionally trained technicians and quality parts at affordable prices available for you. When you bring your iPhone device in to our shop in Pequot Lakes, our certified technicians will run a full diagnostic test to pinpoint any issues and make any necessary repairs for you. With quick turnaround times, feel free give us a call ahead of time or walk in so that we can get your iPhone repair completed quickly and efficiently.

Geek2Go is the #1 electronics repair service in the Brainerd Lakes as we are continuously striving to provide the best customer service while maintaining the knowledge and expertise in iPhone repair!

Repairs We Offer: