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Game Console Repairs

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Game Console Repairs

Doesn’t Turn On / No Power

Game Console not turning on? Odds are your console needs a power supply replacement.

Console Cleaning

Fan’s roaring? Dust and bugs crawling out of your console? You probably need a good deep cleaning. Let our techs take your console apart and give it a good cleansing.

Fan Replacement

Fan’s roaring? Console overheating? Fan replacements are one of the most common repairs we complete.

Damaged HDMI Port / No Display

Nothing shows up when you turn your console on? This is one of the most common repairs in the industry. We complete HDMI port replacements from all over the country.

Before & After

OEM Quality Game Repair Parts

When we complete a game console repair we only use the highest OEM quality parts to ensure that your device is repaired the way it should be.

1 Year Warranty

At Geek2Go, our repairs are backed by our 1 year warranty on labor and parts. Meaning if your device fails for issues related to the repair or the parts we installed, our team will fix it for FREE!

Certified Repair Technicians

Our Team is Repair Certified with Wise Certification and CompTIA A+ Certification. Our staff of experienced techs use the highest grade parts and equipment to ensure your device gets back to working like it’s from the factory.

Gaming Consoles

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