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Things to know about our repair process.

**Please note these are estimates and time frames are subject to change week to week.
We will quote you a time frame during the Check In Process**

Diagnostics are usually completed within 2 days. Software Repairs are usually completed in 2-4 days.
Hardware Repairs are usually completed in 5-9 days.

Initial Diagnosis & Check In

  • Approximately 15-25 minutes. During this time, we will gather details regarding your device and the trouble you’re experiencing. We provide an initial diagnosis, gather your information, and provide a ticket number for your repair. 
  • If parts are needed, we will try to order them during this process. If they have been ordered,  jump to step 3.
  • You will receive an estimate and a deposit might be required to start your repair. 

Advanced Diagnostic & Approval (if required)

  • 1-2 days after Check In – We will review the issue and look further into the problem.
  • We will contact you with an update regarding next steps, a quote, and timeframe. If we receive your approval, we will proceed with ordering any parts if necessary. A deposit might be required at this time.
  • 1-3 Days. Repairs are looked at by the technician in the order they are dropped off. If parts were ordered during the initial diagnosis / check in, skip this step.
  • We will contact you to provide an update on the repair, a quote (if needed), and time frame. If any parts are required, we will get approval before placing the order. We may require payment for any special ordered parts.
  • If no parts are required. Skip to our Triple Check Step (Step 5).

Waiting for Parts

  • Parts can take anywhere from 2-7 days for arrival. In most cases we can get parts here within 2 days. Some specialty parts are longer. If the option is available, we can opt for Expedited Shipping upon your request for an additional fee.
  • We will call you or message you to advise you your parts have arrived

Repair Queue

  • 2-4 days.
  • Software Repairs usually jump to the Repair Queue right away. These are done quickly and done in the order they were dropped off, unless noted for any other reason.
  • Hardware Repairs will come to the Repair Queue after parts have been received. Once the device is on the repair bench, the repairs can take 2-4 hours.
  • Once the repair has been completed, you’ll be contacted to pick up the device.

Triple Check & Pick Up

  • We will restart your machine three times to confirm that there are no problems.
  • We will run all mobile devices through a checklist to ensure everything is functioning.
  • During Pickup & Checkout, we will run through the device to show it in good working order before you leave.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Eventually we will stock iPhone/iPad Batteries and Screens. We may also have a selection of Samsung parts. We will also stock SSDs, Laptop Chargers, and other Monitor Cables and Adapters. As we continue to grow and expand, we will have more parts in stock. Right now, most parts are ordered on a as needed basis.

No, you will be required to put a deposit down for the repair, but we can contact you once the parts are received. If you absolutely cannot be without your device for 1 day. We can schedule your repair for a specific day so that we can ensure that we will finish same day. However, please note your repair appointment might get pushed out a week to accommodate this request. 

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